[phenixbb] problem in cif file from Real-space refinement

princeadam at 163.com princeadam at 163.com
Sat May 14 07:44:08 PDT 2022

Dear all,
Sorry, I made a mistake in the former email.

I used the   "real space refinement"to refine my protein-ligand complex. The cif file got from  "real space refinement"  was put into "Prepare model for PDB depositon" and then I used "Get PDB validation report" to see the validation report.
It's a pity I got the following error message from "Get PDB validation report": The PDB server reports a failure with you data. Please check that your input files following the CIF specifications.
However, if I use the cif file from phenix.refine with the same procedure, I got the validation reports normally.
Does anyone has similar problem?
I am using Phenix 1.20.1-4487.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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