[phenixbb] Thresholding for N/Q/H errors in phenix.refine?

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Mon Nov 15 14:07:52 PST 2021

Hi Nicholas,

> For the correction of N/Q/H errors in phenix.refine: is this option 
> binary (that is, can it only be turned on or off)? Or can it be 
> adjusted to be on but its stringency adjusted to an arbitrary scale?
> https://phenix-online.org/documentation/reference/refinement.html#id19 
> <--suggests its binary, but asking here for thoroughness.

it's either on or off as parameter suggests: nqh_flips=True/False.

If both, original and flipped result in a clash, no flip happens to that 


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