[phenixbb] Double difference anomalous maps

Mark Saper saper at umich.edu
Tue Nov 9 01:08:32 PST 2021

I tried the "Isomorphous difference map” action and specified a file for input 1 containing F1+, F1– at one wavelength, and the file input 2 containing F2+,F2– at another wavelength. I selected the appropriate Labels for the columns containing the anomalous data.  I then specified in "Advanced Options” to use anomalous differences instead of amplitudes.  Will this procedure use the following coefficients for the difference Fourier?

	( F1(+) – F1(–) ) – ( F2(+) – F2(–) ), alpha(calc)

Can someone confirm if this is indeed what is calculated?

Many thanks,
Mark Saper
Mark A. Saper, Ph.D.		
Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Medicine
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ein Kerem Jerusalem

saper at umich.edu     mobile +972 52 815-0480‬

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