[phenixbb] Problems with sharpening in Autosharpen

Carlos HENRIQUE FERNANDES carlos.henrique_fernandes at sorbonne-universite.fr
Fri May 21 07:49:44 PDT 2021

Dear all, 

I am facing some problems with sharpening in Autosharpen. 
My current map is about 3.2 Å resolution, which I obtained after CTF-Refinement and Polishing in Relion. 
When I use Autosharpen in default parameters, it tells me that are applied an overall Bsharp applied of 220.34 and a final Biso of 87.42; but very little sharpening is done; I was unable to observe a typical helices sharpening at this value of resolution. 
I did some tests setting progressive Bsharp values (240; 260; 280; 300), but I am still unable to visualize a typical helices sharpening. 
Has anyone had problems like that? Any tips? 
Thanks in advance, 
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