[phenixbb] Release of ISOLDE 1.2

Tristan Croll tic20 at cam.ac.uk
Thu May 13 10:06:26 PDT 2021

Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce the release of ISOLDE 1.2, now available for installation into the ChimeraX 1.2 release. To get it, first download and install ChimeraX 1.2 from https://www.rbvi.ucsf.edu/chimerax/download.html, then go to "Tools/More Tools..." in the menu and follow the links to install ISOLDE. Key new features include:

  *   The ability to add residues to the ends of protein chains (see https://twitter.com/CrollTristan/status/1391747032579289089?s=20; support for nucleic acid chain extension still in development)
  *   Lower-fidelity simulation modes for greatly improved performance on lower-end GPUs (see https://twitter.com/CrollTristan/status/1390709520876331009?s=20)
  *   Commands to write input files for phenix.refine and phenix.real_space_refine with recommended settings for refining models from ISOLDE
  *   Command to write a ProSMART-like restraint definition file to softly restrain the model to its current geometry in Refmac
  *   Improvements to stability and performance of bulk solvent/scaling in crystallographic datasets
  *   Short aliases for commonly-used commands to make life easier for power users.

Please enjoy!

Best regards,

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