[phenixbb] Help with den refine

Alex Singer ausingercomp at gmail.com
Tue May 11 15:25:14 PDT 2021


 I recently installed the Linux-64 version of phenix1.19.2-4158 and
used the command line to run phenix.den_refine.  The command was just

 Phenix.den_refine xxx_refine_25.pdb xxx_refine_25.mtz  (xxx is just
the name of the project, and is made up, but I did the same thing for
two different projects)

And then it ran for a while until it started the initial minimization
before the den routine, ie coordinate minimization before annealing
and then it crashed with the error message

 TypeError: %d format; a number is required, not Autotype

 I believe this is a python error, but is there something
straight-forward that I can do about this so that den_refine can work?

 Thanks for your help

 Dr. Alex U. Singer

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