[phenixbb] quick demo of phenix.autosol ?

James Holton jmholton at lbl.gov
Thu May 6 12:04:52 PDT 2021

Thank you all for the excellent suggestions!  I think the built-in 
tutorials are a good place to start.

I noticed a couple of things:
1) the autosol GUI "Status" tab always shows the number of sites to be 
zero, despite having solved the structure.  Is that a bug?
2) the autosol GUI requires data filenames to be non-unique after 
removing the directory names.  These days a rather large fraction of 
data files are called "XDS_ASCII.HKL".  Now, for me personally, I don't 
mind opening a shell and making some links, but the students are 
sometimes confounded by that.  Am I not doing the workflow right here?

Again, thank you all for all the effort that goes into making Phenix great!

-James Holton
MAD Scientist

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