[phenixbb] quick demo of phenix.autosol ?

James Holton jmholton at lbl.gov
Sun May 2 09:22:58 PDT 2021

Hello all,

I'm involved in an X-ray course at Stanford this coming week and one of 
the things we want to do is demonstrate things like phenix.autosol.  
However, typical run times with borderline data and default settings can 
be more than a few minutes.

Can anyone recommend a test data set / settings where phenix.autosol 
finishes very quickly?  I was going to try and whip something up that is 
small, moderate resolution, screaming phasing signal, etc. However, 
since I'm sure many on this mailing list have done this hundreds of 
times you no doubt have a favorite example off the top of your head?

thanks again!

-James Holton
MAD Scientist

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