[phenixbb] Real space refinement not recognizing modified bases from ribosome

Firdous Tarique kahkashantarique at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 11:14:16 PDT 2021


I am trying to do real space refinement of a 40S rigid body docked model in
a cryoEM map of 4.8 Angstrom resolution. The PDB contains some modified
nucleic acid bases  due to which the program ends with the following error.

Fatal problems interpreting model file: Number of atoms with unknown
nonbonded energy type symbols; 52 Please edit the model file to resolve the
problems and /or supply a CIF file with matching restraint definitions,
along with apply_cif_modification and apply_cif_link parameter definitions
if necessary.

Seems its refinement library is not able to read the modified bases. Can
you please advise how to fix this problem. What is the best way to update
the library ? Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


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