[phenixbb] [EXTERNAL] Quick calculation of mean ADP

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Hi Martin,

How would you calculate the mean anisotropic ADP? 
What would be its meaning physically?

As you may know, the Beq is already on the line above the Uijs in the PDB file. 
It is derived from the trace of the tensor of U^(ij)s.
The Beq = 8*pi^2Ueq  where Ueq = 1/3(U^(11) + U^(22) + U^(33))

To obtain the mean Beq, use the following Python code.

from iotbx import pdb
pdb_name = '~/Downloads/4RBQ.pdb'
pdb_inp = pdb.input(file_name=pdb_name)
atoms = pdb_inp.atoms()
bfactors = atoms.extract_b()
bfactors.format_mean("%5.2f Ang.^2")

The answer in this case is

'18.17 Ang.^2'

To extract the Uijs, use the following,

uijs = atoms.extract_uij()

Best regards,


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Dear mailing list members,

I would like to calculate the mean ADP of a structure model (PDB) from a
Python script using tools in CCTBX/PHENIX. I tried to find out how and
dig it from Python source code but I have been unsuccessful yet. Please,
how to do it (in Python)? Although It is quite easy to calculate it in
on my own directly from PDB for isotropic ADPs, the situation can be a
bit complicated for anisotropic ADPs...

Thank you. Best regards,
Martin Mal

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