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*/Posted on behalf of Dr. Franck Martin (CNRS IBMC, Strasbourg, France)/*

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*/URGENT - Recovery Plan Project - Post-doctoral fellow (M/F) in 
molecular and structural biology (Cryo-EM)/*


/You will be working as a post-doctoral researcher in a mixed 
public/private environment. The team 'Evolution of translation 
initiation systems in eukaryotes' of the unit 'Architecture and 
Reactivity of RNA' (UPR 9002 of the CNRS) of the Institute of Molecular 
and Cellular Biology (IBMC) of Strasbourg in association with the 
company Novalix. NovAliX is a 180+ employees society based in Illkirch 
(near Strasbourg). We offer to the pharmaceutical industry a complete 
range of services spanning biophysics, biochemistry, structural biology, 
chemistry & drug discovery. It is specified that this recruitment offer 
is part of the France Recovery Plan on a research collaboration project 
with a company which will be submitted to the DRARI for validation. The 
project will consist in structurally and functionally characterizing 
macromolecular complexes allowing the initiation of viral RNA of 
SARS-CoV-2. /


/The approaches used will be based on the use of cell-free translation 
extracts that will allow us to assemble and purify translation 
initiation complexes on our model messenger RNAs. The composition of 
these complexes will be determined by mass spectrometry and their 
structure by advanced structural approaches.The techniques used will be: /


/- Biochemical and molecular biology methods dedicated to the study of 
proteins and nucleic acids and in particular RNA/

/- Cryo-EM sample preparation, optimizing sample vitrification conditions./

/- Collect and analyse cryo-EM data. 3D reconstruction, structure 
determination and atomic model building./

/- Preparation of in vitro cell-free translation extracts/


/The candidate will have to develop his/her project independently./

*Expected qualifications and proficiencies*

/This includes the mastery of biochemical and molecular biology 
approaches for the purification of ribonucleoprotein complexes. Strong 
expertise in structural biology (Crystallography/Cryo-Electron 
Microscopy) especially on macromolecular complexes containing the 
ribosome will be considered as a plus. Ideally, the candidate should 
also be able to interpret electron density maps to establish atomic 
models of ribonucleic complexes containing the ribosome. The candidate 
must have defended his/her thesis in 2019 or 2020. /


/The candidate will join a biochemistry and molecular biology team 
specialising in translation initiation in eukaryotes. The structural 
part of the project will be implemented within the company Novalix. The 
Novalix cryo-EM platform is currently equipped with a Glacios microscope 
outfitted with a phase plate, Falcon 3 camera and microED setup. The 
candidate will spend 20% of his/her time in the public laboratory for 
the preparation of samples and 80% of his/her time at Novalix for the 
structural aspect./

More on IBMC: https://ibmc.cnrs.fr/en/

More on Strasbourg: https://www.visitstrasbourg.fr/en/welcome-in-strasbourg/

More on Alsace area: https://www.visit.alsace/en/

*Work constrains and professional risks*

/The project will require the manipulation of radioactivity and the 
synthesis of RNA.Therefore, the mastery of good laboratory practices 
will be considered a plus./


/Applications will only be made via the recruitment website but feel 
free ton contact Dr. Franck Martin for any further details including 
application rules./

/Application website:/



/Gross salary will be between 2675 and 3767 € per month according to 
working experience./

*Contact information*: /F.Martin at ibmc-cnrs.unistra.fr/

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