[phenixbb] Coot+Phenix issue

Ashima Chopra ac1538 at cabm.rutgers.edu
Fri Dec 18 11:54:47 PST 2020

Hi all,

I am running a refinement on Phenix for one structure, as I work on the Molprobity corrections from another refined structure in Coot. My Coot connects to Phenix so I can navigate through the Molprobity list easily, however the tmp.refine files from the first refinement keep popping up and replacing the current maps I have open.

Is it possible to be connected to Phenix and define which project to display the maps/models from?


Ashima Chopra

Graduate Assistant

Eddy Arnold Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology/ Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine

Rutgers University, New Brunswick

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