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Werther, Rachel A rwerther at fredhutch.org
Thu Apr 2 09:55:56 PDT 2020

Dear All,

My colleague and I are troubleshooting a Phaser run that her Phenix was not able to solve but mine was.  We both use the Graphical User Interface, and we both use the current version, Phenix 1.17.3644  Her log file shows “ELLG TARGET 120” and “RFACTOR CUTOFF 35.00”.  If these settings are the reason one run gave the right solution and the other didn’t, how do we access and change these settings?

I attached both the log files.  Right.log gave the right solution, Wrong.log gave the wrong solution.

Many thanks,
Rachel Werther

Rachel Werther / Research Technician III / Stoddard Lab / Basic Sciences / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / rwerther at fredhutch.org<mailto:rwerther at fredhutch.org> / 206-667-4066
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