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Tim Gruene tim.gruene at univie.ac.at
Sun Jul 28 09:24:39 PDT 2019

Dear all,

recently the conversion from CBF to SFRM frame format with APEX was discussed 
on the Bruker mailing list ("Synchrotron data with Bruker Software"),  
including a potential bug that parameters in the frames other than the first 
frame are not set correctly. The workaround to re-convert from SFRM to SFRM a 
second time did not help in my case.

I therefore updated my program sfrmtools, available at https://

With the option '-u',you can provide the first frame of the run, and via '-p' 
a parameter file that contains the critical parameters (see documentation at 
above URL) to update the header for all frames in this run. In case you have 
twinned data and want to benefit from SAINT, this should be possible with this 

Both 64bit Linux binary and the source code are available. The program has no 
dependencies and should compile under any platform.

I did not debug this new feature very thoroughly, but it worked for me so far. 
Any bug reports are welcome to this address tim.gruene at univie.ac.at

I hope this is helpful for one or two users.

I acknowledge the thorough documentation of XDS, of SAINT, and of the SFRM 
header format.

Kind regards,
cc Bruker mailing list, CCP4BB, phenixBB
Tim Gruene
Head of the Centre for X-ray Structure Analysis
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Vienna

Phone: +43-1-4277-70202

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