[phenixbb] Opportunity in the Gonen lab

Johan Hattne hattne at ucla.edu
Sat Jul 13 11:08:29 PDT 2019

Dear all;

There is an exciting opportunity for a research technician to join the Gonen lab at UCLA, supporting ongoing projects in membrane biophysics and biochemistry.  This role will perform research using biochemical and molecular biology techniques.

The Gonen Lab at the University of California works toward understanding how membrane proteins help cells maintain homeostasis.  To that end we study channels, transporters, and receptors structurally and functionally. 

Complete job posting and application instructions can be found at:


// Best wishes; Johan

          Research Specialist @ Gonen Lab
      UCLA * 615 Charles E. Young Drive South
         BSRB #347 * Los Angeles, CA 90095

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