[phenixbb] exclude atoms/regions in real space refinement

Filip Van Petegem filip.vanpetegem at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 17:15:17 PDT 2019

Dear Phenix users,

I want to exclude particular regions of a protein model, docked into a
cryo-EM map, from real-space refinement. I know this is possible for
refinement in reciprocal space, but is this possible for refining a cryo-EM
structure against a map? E.g. I want to totally exclude a region with known
crystal structure, placed in an area of poor local resolution, from any
form of refinement, but want to apply all other options (morphing,
simulated annealing, adp, Global minimization) to the remainder of the

(I didn't see this option in

best regards,


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