[phenixbb] mmCIF in Phenix 1.14-3260

Dominik Oberthuer dominik.oberthuer at desy.de
Thu Nov 29 02:14:35 PST 2018

Dear all,

I recently found that phenix.refine in version 1.14-3260 generates 
coordinate mmCIFs that the PDB deposition system can't handle.

After struggling with this for some time I used an installation of 
Phenix 1.13-2998 I still have on my MacBook and used the 
mmCIF/PDB-conversion tool from this version and had no more trouble with 
uploading the mmCIF to the PDB.

Maybe it is worthwhile to check which changes from 1.13 to 1.14 might 
have caused these issues.



Dr. Dominik Oberthür

CFEL - Center for Free-Electron Laser Science - DESY
Coherent Imaging Division

Notkestrasse 85
22607 Hamburg

phone: +49 (0)40 8998 6394
dominik.oberthuer at cfel.de

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