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Matthew Bick
Senior Fellow
Baker Laboratory for Computational Protein Design
University of Washington

The Institute for Protein Design, in the Department of Biochemistry at the
University of Washington, currently has an outstanding opportunity for a
full time X-ray Crystallographer Staff Scientist.  The Institute for
Protein Design is designing a new world of synthetic proteins for
21st-century challenges.


Collaborate with the Investigator and numerous researchers at the Institute
for Protein Design on the X-ray crystal structure determination of de novo
designed proteins.

Manage the activities of research scientists and undergraduate research
support with oversight of all protein-to-structure activities at the
Institute for Protein Design.

Design of new concepts, approaches and programs for structure determination
of computationally designed proteins, of a diverse nature.

Perform various specialized scientific investigative procedures in X-ray
structure determination in collaborative support of numerous research
projects with minimal input from Investigator.

Use bio-informatics tools and pertinent laboratory and public databases,
including the Protein Data Bank (PDB), and information resources to support
gene-to-structure research, including deposition of atomic coordinates in
the PDB for archival, sharing, and publication.

Direct the activities of technical support staff in the Baker lab and at
the Institute for Protein Design in collaboration with other research staff.

Collaborate with other research staff, postdoctoral fellows and graduate
students to select and maintain relevant protein research equipment to
insure the lab meets required current and future needs.

Direct the development of new protein crystallization and X-ray structure
determination strategies, and ascertain if they effectively addresses needs.

Manage complex multi-task projects directed at the design, production and
structural characterization of numerous de novo designed proteins with
higher order function.

Train laboratory research staff, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students
in protein X-ray crystallography, as well as wet lab equipment for protein
production, structural elucidation, and biochemical characterization.

Direct projects with undefined time lines and uncertain outcomes requiring
analysis from multiple perspectives.

Use expert knowledge and judgment to develop new methods and techniques for
obtaining solutions.


Ph.D in Biochemistry, or related field, and X-ray Crystallography +5 or
more years of related experience

Technical proficiency, scientific creativity, collaborative ability, as
well as independent thought.

Advanced expertise in X-ray crystal structure determination, both
computational and wet lab areas, with a full understanding of the
underlying principles and concepts. May be recognized as a leader in their
area of expertise.

Recognized as a resource for others to use in dealing with complex protein
structure determination, computational and wet lab methods, equipment,
processes, or procedures.  Anticipate future needs in technology support.

In-depth understanding of organizational structure both within and outside
the work unit, including the role of each position in the group and in
other groups.

Ability to develop innovative processes to achieve goals.  Direct others to
develop essential tasks.  Review work activities to determine where new
information could improve processes or move projects forward.


Ph.D. degree in an appropriate field of science or technology or equivalent
in education and experience AND total of six year’s research experience in
protein biophysics, X-ray crystallography, computational biology and
bioinformatics specifically in the X-ray crystal structure determination.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to Matthew Bick at
bickm at uw.edu.
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