[phenixbb] Released: Phenix/DivCon Plugin - DivCon Discovery Suite v7.5.0

Lance Westerhoff lance at quantumbioinc.com
Thu May 10 08:38:15 PDT 2018

Hello All-

Some of you may have already seen this release, but I wanted to pass it along to the community as well. Today, we release version 7.5.0 of our flagship product: the DivCon Discovery Suite.

This release includes fundamental improvements and a complete re-write of several key technologies leading to improved usability and a 14+ fold speedup to our Phenix/DivCon and XModeScore Crystallographic module for protomer/tautomer determination, fragment binding mode determination, and automated QM/MM X-ray refinement (including MOE-independent versions of each of those users who do not have MOE available). This version also includes a completely new tool for crystallographic "water picking" using 3DRISM.

For a detailed breakdown of the new features (along with links to tutorials and other documentation), please see the following link:


As with prior releases, the software available for free for true non-profit/academic research. And of course it is available for industry use for a reasonable license fee. The list of available licenses (for electronic signature) is available here:


Thank you for your time and have a great rest of your spring!

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