[phenixbb] .hhr files?

Patrick Loll pjloll at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 09:32:59 PDT 2017

This feels like a silly question, but I’ve already wasted some time head-banging, so here goes:

I would like to generate a .hhr sequence alignment file for use in MR-Rosetta. After running HHPRED, I get a lovely alignment, but I see no place to save it as a .hhr file. Several “how-to” pages talk about a “save” button above the alignment, but the MPI bioinformatics pages seem to have been reformatted in the past few months, and I see no such button. There is a tab labeled “raw output” with a download option, but that appears to give a FASTA format.

So…can anyone suggest a way forward? Either by capturing the elusive .hhr file, or by saving the data in some other format that is still useful for MR-Rosetta?


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