[phenixbb] SHELX sites to use in Phenix.

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?Hi Mahmudul?,

You can specify:


in autosol and it will use these sites instead of looking for sites.

All the best,

Tom T

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Dear All,
I am trying to solve a structure using Phenix with very low anomalous signal. After several trials it seems like the signal from Manganese is not enough to solve this protein structure. Reading information that SHELX is good in finding sites from low molecular weight molecules (e.g. S, etc.), I tried the online version of SHELX in CCP4 to find the sites. Now I would like use these sites found by SHELX to see if that help to solve the structure.

My question is, what is the best way to include extra sites besides the program Autosol find itself? Your valuable suggestions will help me a lot to get going with my structure solution effort.

Best wishes,
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