[phenixbb] phenix.map_to_model input mtz file failure

dancingdream at 163.com dancingdream at 163.com
Tue Jun 6 19:19:22 PDT 2017

Dear Phenix bb,
I intend to build a initial model by phenix.map_to_model. And the command line is as follows:
phenix.map_to_model_1.12rc0-2787  map_coeffs_file=../rep_dm.mtz map_coeffs_labels="'FP,SIGFP' 'PHIDM' 'FOMDM'" seq_file=../resolve.seq  is_crystal=True  use_sg_symmetry=True  density_select=False  truncate_at_d_min=True

and the feedback like this:
Sorry: No initial assignment made for map_coeffs. Labels used: FP,SIGFP PHIDM FOMDM.
NOTE: grouped labels like 'FP,SIGFP' must stay together,
have commas, and have no spaces. If they come from an MTZ file,
they must be in adjacent columns as well.

Suggested labels to use:  PHIDM  FOMDM
I try many other input format of map_coeffs_labels, such as
map_coeffs_labels="FP,SIGFP PHIDM FOMDM"
map_coeffs_labels=["FP,SIGFP PHIDM FOMDM"]
... ...
but the result is the same. Dose anyone can tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank a lot.


Wei Ding
P.O.Box 603
The Institute of Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tel: +86-10-82649083
E-mail: dingwei at iphy.ac.cn
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