[phenixbb] help with Histidine flip in phenix refinement

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Thu Jan 19 07:49:26 PST 2017

Use the following option on the phenix.refine command line

That will prevent automatic residue flipping 

Oleg Borbulevych

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 I have 4 Mn (2 Mn in each chain) in my protein structure. One Mn has 1
cordination with water, 1 cordination with His and 4 cordination with Asp.
I model build the His in coot. Even this His is in bond range with Mn. But,
when i refine this model in phenix. This His again flip other side (N
terminal which has to cordinate with Mn goes to other direction). I am
facing this problem only with His of A chain only while N of His of B chain
are towards Mn only.

Is there any option in pehnix refinment where we can exclude a specific
residue or atom in refinment??

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