[phenixbb] Phenix.model_vs_data - Rfree difference

Luca Pellegrini lp212 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 2 10:09:48 PST 2017


I am trying to find out the reason for a large R-free difference that I am getting between phenix.refine and phenix.model_vs_data:

R-work/R-free 0.1702/0.1974

R-work/R-free 0.1728/0.1795

Initial refinement was using the intensities in an XDS_ASCII.HKL dataset, followed by a few refinement cycles against the same dataset, but using amplitudes calculated in Aimless, with the ‘skip scaling just merge’ option and keeping the FreeR reflections. When I checked R-free values for the last refinement run before the conversion, there was no large discrepancy:

R-work/R-free 0.1720/0.2086

R-work/R-free 0.1715/0.2080

Can anyone please advise? Apart from this, refinement went well - both the 1.9A map and the model look fine. 

Thanks for the help & happy New Year,


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