[phenixbb] Announcing the release of the Detergent Belt Server

vincent Chaptal vincent.chaptal at ibcp.fr
Wed Dec 13 04:53:02 PST 2017

This message is especially directed towards the membrane proteins community.

Dear everyone,

we are very pleased to announce the release of the Detergent Belt Server 
->    http://detbelt.ibcp.fr

Following our discovery of a method to quantify detergents around 
membrane proteins, we have build the detbelt server to allow for a 
simple _representation of the detergent belt around your protein of 
interest_. This representation is a simple approximation and grants a 
rapid estimation of the detergent belt, especially fitted to 
_biochemists_ to better understand what is going on in your test tube. 
(Details on the server and the publication of the detergent 
quantification method are available on the tutorial page).

The server allows you to play with different detergents interactively by 
recomputing the belt in your web browser, which allows you to refine 
your biochemical hypothesis. The server allows you to add several 
detergents, each with different values, and will compute the volume 
associated with these detergents mixtures. It outputs different metrics 
making it easier to compare detergent-occupied volumes, and a PyMOL 
script to generate a publication quality image.

For the moment, membrane protein pdb file should be pre-oriented using 
the PPM server procedure as it runs slow on the server; please visit the 
tutorial web page for more details (see "1"). We are working towards 
speeding up this process and making it all integrated in the near 
future. For testing purposes, I attach a pre-oriented pdb so that you 
can have an idea of the information you can obtain.

Finally, we welcome any feedback to this alpha release; we welcome bug 
reports as well as creative feedback: if you think this tool has some 
potential for your research, please contact us and we will see what can 
be done.

Wishing you good visualization
All the best
The DetBelt team


Vincent Chaptal, PhD

Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines

Drug Resistance and Membrane Proteins Laboratory

7 passage du Vercors

69007 LYON


+33 4 37 65 29 01


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