[phenixbb] Is it harmful to to use Imean SigImean in Phenix Refine by default?

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Sun Dec 3 19:45:13 PST 2017

> I noticed Phenix refine default settings are using data labels "Imean" 
> and "SigImean" instead of F and SigF.

ok, what you say: a) makes sense to me and b) matched my expectations.. 
So that's a good start, all right!

> I searched this on the internet and found a post that titled 
> "Phenix.refine Defaults Considered Harmful"

Ha-ha! I thought folk learned from recent hugely embarrassing ContaMiner 
rant on ccp4bb recently. It sounds like not all may be then. Regardless: 
Take home message is: please contact developers to resolve the issue 
first before posting controversial issues. Most of the time developers 
will be happy to collaborate and do their best to solve the issue.

> ( web link http://xray0.princeton.edu/~phil/Facility/phenix_fubar.html 
> <http://xray0.princeton.edu/%7Ephil/Facility/phenix_fubar.html> ). One 
> point in this post shows that "the first thing the program does is 
> ignore that structure factor data and use the IMEAN data instead."

Sure! Iobs are more important than Fobs. Isn't it obvious? If it is not 
obvious then I'm really keen to hear why. I'm sure that's going to be a 
learning experience (for me at least!)!

All the best,

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