[phenixbb] Is it harmful to to use Imean SigImean in Phenix Refine by default?

Xiao Lei xiaoleiusc at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 18:05:28 PST 2017

Dear All,

I noticed Phenix refine default settings are using data labels "Imean" and
"SigImean" instead of F and SigF. I searched this on the internet and found
a post that titled "Phenix.refine Defaults Considered Harmful" ( web link
http://xray0.princeton.edu/~phil/Facility/phenix_fubar.html ). One point in
this post shows that "the first thing the program does is ignore that
structure factor data and use the IMEAN data instead."  This may force
rejecting weak data according to the post.

The latest Phenix version may be updated from the version the post author
used, I wonder if this risk is still in the newest version of Phenix ?
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