[phenixbb] Master Your Proteins, NKI Amsterdam, 20-23 November 2017

Anastassis Perrakis a.perrakis at nki.nl
Fri Aug 18 07:28:23 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Applications for the Instruct-ERIC course on Biophysical Characterisation of Macromolecules and Quantification of Biomolecular Interactions are now open.

The course aims to provide the theoretical background of popular biophysical methods that are often used in relation to Structural Biology research, and practical experience both in performing experiments and in analysing the resulting data. The rationale behind an extended kit of experiments to characterise macromolecules and their interactions will be explained. You will be shown how to perform and analyse the related experiments in dedicated practical sessions.

The course will include theory and practical sessions on thermal shift assays (also label free), Surface Plasmon Resonance, sothermal Titration Calorimetry, Miscroscale Thermophoresis , Fluoresence Methods, Stopped Flow, and the Graphpad/Prism and Kintek analysis software.

Details can be found at:

https://www.structuralbiology.eu/events/biophysical-characterisation-of-macromolecules-and-quantification-of-biomolecular-interactions/ <https://www.structuralbiology.eu/events/biophysical-characterisation-of-macromolecules-and-quantification-of-biomolecular-interactions/> 

On the behalf of the organisers,


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