[phenixbb] Appplying symmetry to a Cryo-EM map in phenix map_to _model

Terwilliger, Thomas Charles terwilliger at lanl.gov
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?Hi Joshua,

If you have a model from the PDB and you want to put it into your cryo-EM map, then you will need to first use either molecular replacement, real space automated fitting or real-space manual fitting (such as in Coot) to put your molecule in the right place.   Then you can use phenix.real_space_refine to refine the model.

You can also use phenix.map_to_model, but that works in a different way.  It tries to build your model from scratch (without reference to a known structure).

All the best,

Tom T

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Hi Dr Terwilliger

I have the pdb of the asymmetric unit and I am trying to fit it into my cryo-EM map of the whole structure( which has octahedral symmetry). Do I have so to do some-sort of pdb manipulation  before the model_to_map operation ?

This is my command

phenix.map_to_model postprocess_test.mrc 2w0o_1chain.pdb resolution=4 d_min_ratio=0.89 seq_file=2w0o.fasta.txt >> model_to_map.log

the fasta sequence and the pdb file are both of a single unit

I hope my question makes sense this is my first time using phenix ,

Joshua Lobo

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?Hi Joshua,

I'm sorry for the slow reply. In phenix.map_to_model you normally do not need to specify any space group information.  (For cryo-EM we use "P1" as the "space group" but you don't have to specify it).

Let me know if that doesn't do it,

All the best,

Tom T

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Subject: [phenixbb] Appplying symmetry to a Cryo-EM map in phenix map_to _model

Hi Phenix Group

I am very new to model building and using phenix . I am trying to use phenix.map_to_model to generate a model just using my cryo-EM map( mrc format) and a fasta sequence .My protein has octahedral symmetry . I found the use_space_group_symmetry argument but am not sure what argument to give to impose the symmetry .

Any inputs are appreciated

Joshua Lobo
University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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