[phenixbb] phenix.real_space_refine GUI

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Wed Jun 1 14:50:53 PDT 2016

Hi Phenix users,

since I had to answer this very same question off-list three times in 
past 48 hours, I thought I post this for future reference...

Yes, thanks *Billy* there is a GUI for phenix.real_space_refine (tool to 
refine atomic models against maps, such as cryo-EM maps)! To give it a 
try, you need:

1) Get the latest nightly build, dev-2427 for instance:


2) Enable alpha-test programs in Phenix GUI. To do this:

   -- start Phenix GUI;

   -- go to Preferences and tick "Enable alpha-test programs and 
features" box;

   -- restart the GUI (close down, then start again);

   -- phenix.real_space_refine will be available in Refinement section 
on the right (Real-space refinement [alpha]).

Note, it has a very handy feature to see/explore/edit 
secondary-structure restraints graphically.

Also note that *this is alpha-test version meaning that glitches are not 
unexpected*! However your feedback will help to improve it, so please 
let us know should you encounter problems, have suggestions or found bug(s)!

All the best,


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