[phenixbb] r-free flag cell constant mismatch

wtempel wtempel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 05:53:57 PDT 2016

Dear Phenix experts,
our project involves crystals *A* and *B*, which are nearly isomorphous and
of a protein’s complexes with two different small molecules, respectively.
*A* diffracts better than *B*.
The r-free flag from *A* was “attached” to *B*‘s input reflections with the
CCP4 cad command and is still associated to *B*‘s slightly different cell
dimensions. Would/should this be reason enough for refine to throw an
error? The error message suggests changing the
refinement.input.symmetry_safety_check setting. Can this setting be changed
in the GUI?
Thank you.
Wolfram Tempel
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