[phenixbb] [ccp4bb] Modify methionine to acetylated methionine in coot

Anshul Bhardwaj Anshul.Bhardwaj at jefferson.edu
Mon Jan 25 17:02:44 PST 2016

Thanks Paul for the quick response. Simple enough and works beautifully for modifying N-terminus methionine to AME in coot.
Anshul Bhardwaj

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Subject: Re: [ccp4bb] Modify methionine to acetylated methionine in coot

On 25/01/2016 23:33, Anshul Bhardwaj wrote:
> Hello,

> How to replace 'M' with 'AME' in coot itself? an option like mutate residue, etc.
> I couldn't figure out right away so I worked my way around by simply copying AME from one of the pdb from RCSB database and replaced methionine in my model. Linked AME to residue# 2 in coot and refinement was straightforward after generating restraints for the modified model. So it worked for now but still curious as there has to be a way to replace 'M' with 'AME' in coot, isn't it (?).

Generally, for this sort of thing one would use:

Extensions -> Modelling -> Replace Residue -> AME

But this might not work in the case because the modification is on the
main-chain not the side-chain.  But it might do if the AME is at the

This thread might shed some light on things:



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