[phenixbb] continuously Rfree lower than Rwork

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Mon Mar 30 20:35:56 PDT 2015

It may mean a variety of things, such as:

- troubled refinement, incorrect target weights for instance;
- suboptimal model parametrization or/and optimization method choice;
- incorrect test/work flag use in refinement;
- this sometimes happens if you refine against ultra-high resolution 
(higher than say 0.7A).

If you send more information such as at least refinement log and eff 
files then it may be possible to tell more.


On 3/30/15 8:01 AM, Smith Liu wrote:
> Dear All,
> If in a Phenix.refine proces, the Rfree continuously lower than Rwork, 
> what does it mean?
> Smith

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