[phenixbb] Ramachandran results from Structure_comparison tool

Emilia C. Arturo (Emily) eca38 at drexel.edu
Wed Mar 18 10:49:16 PDT 2015


I've just run the Structure comparison tool for the first time using
phenix 1.9-1692. All the results tabs--except the Ramachandran
tab--have per-residue values throughout the length of the ~450-residue
sequence; the Ramachandran tab has values only through residue 429.
The sequence file included with the run contains 453 residues. Each of
the pdb files input to the run have between 445 and 450 residues each.
Throughout the length of each model, all models are 100%
sequence-identical to each other and to the sequence file.

Is it a known bug, that the Ramachandran values are not output for all
the residues for which there are values in the other tabs?

Emily Arturo

Ph.D. program in Biochemistry, Drexel Univ College of Medicine
Jaffe lab, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA

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