[phenixbb] phenix rosetta refine

Jens Kaiser kaiser at caltech.edu
Sat Jun 27 02:38:08 PDT 2015

Hey there,
  who would be the person to talk about setting up
phenix.rosetta_refine? I tried our SBgrid installation with overrides to
"nightly" for phenix and rosetta; I tried a clean install of rosetta and
phenix - production version and nightly's in all combinations - and all
combinations of compiling (rosetta first, then
rosetta.build_phenix_interface, phenix first, then
rosetta.build_phenix_interface). The problem is that
"phenix.rosetta_refine" seems to run, and produce a log file that looks
reasonable, but geometry params are worse than with an ordinary refine.
I think I tracked it down to the fact that the "rosetta_XX.sh" files are
empty, and rosetta actually does not run.

Any help is welcome - and any support will be extended.



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