[phenixbb] phenix.composite_omit_map

Dyda dyda at ulti.niddk.nih.gov
Fri Jun 26 09:08:03 PDT 2015

Dear Phenix list,

I have generated an mtz file with phenix.composite_omit_map.

It has labels assigned as 
2mFo-DFC for F and PH2mFo-DFC for P.

Now, I would like to generate a map file.
I was trying to convince phenix.maps to use this mtz file to do that,
however it didn't seem to like the labels.

I tried both the GUI interface of phenix.maps and also tried to force
feed it through the command line with a maps.param file.

Neither of these worked, so I'm obviously missing something.

Btw., Coot can open the mtz file and display the map, and it does look
This is phenix-1.9-1692 running under RHEL6.

Thank you for your help.

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