[phenixbb] [ccp4bb] phenix installtion problem

Hattne, Johan hattnej at janelia.hhmi.org
Fri Jun 26 06:44:36 PDT 2015

> On Jun 26, 2015, at 09:05, ChenWeiFei <weifei_c at OUTLOOK.COM> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Sorry to disturb you.
> I have install Phenix to my computer Centos 7.0. 
> When I want to use it I need to 
> cd /usr/local/phenix-1.9-1692/ 
> and 
>  . /usr/local/phenix-1.9-1692/phenix_env.sh 
> then type phenix in the command line every time. 
> I wish to use phenix in every terminate window and just type phenix.
> Some told me use export PATH to do it but I don't know how to do it.
> I am new to linux(centos)
> Thank you so much!
> Best,
> Weifei

You could edit ~/.bashrc and add a line

  . /usr/local/phenix-1.9-1692/phenix_env.sh

This will not necessarily have an affect on newly spawned login shells.  To address that, you could make sure that your ~/.bash_profile contains a line like

  test -r "${HOME}/.bashrc" && . "${HOME}/.bashrc"

near the top.

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