[phenixbb] [ccp4bb] phenix installtion problem

Alexandre OURJOUMTSEV sacha at igbmc.fr
Fri Jun 26 06:37:16 PDT 2015

Dear Weifei,

I am neither in the Phenix nor in the CCP4 teams so I let me remark that it does not look reasonable, just a few minutes after Tom Terwilliger's mail :

"I'll answer you on the Phenix BB as you've asked specific questions about Phenix tools."

sending your mail (see below) asking explicitly phenix questions again through the CCP4bb. I do not think that you "disturb", you should not sorry for this, the BB are for this, but we need to follow the rules.

I ask everybody to respect both ccp4 and phenix teams, who assures a lot of service and help for our community, and send your requests properly (for your own benefit), through the BB concerned.

My another request (luckily not applicable to the Weifei mail)  is that people always sign properly their mails and give their name when asking their questions : ccp4, phenix teams and other experts answer you openly and this looks quite weird seeing anonymous requests. Again, this is for your own benefit, for your better integration into the research community.

With best regards,

Sacha Urzhumtsev

De : CCP4 bulletin board <CCP4BB at JISCMAIL.AC.UK> de la part de ChenWeiFei <weifei_c at OUTLOOK.COM>
Envoyé : vendredi 26 juin 2015 15:05
Objet : [ccp4bb] phenix installtion problem

Dear all,
Sorry to disturb you.
I have install Phenix to my computer Centos 7.0.
When I want to use it I need to
cd /usr/local/phenix-1.9-1692/
 . /usr/local/phenix-1.9-1692/phenix_env.sh
then type phenix in the command line every time.
I wish to use phenix in every terminate window and just type phenix.
Some told me use export PATH to do it but I don't know how to do it.
I am new to linux(centos)
Thank you so much!

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