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Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Sat Jun 13 08:11:20 PDT 2015


if you provide d_min it will define the radius of Ewald sphere for the 
purpose of structure factors calculation from the map. If you don't 
define d_min, it will do one of the two: try to guess it or compute all 
Fourier map coefficients in the box (don't remember which one of the two).


On 6/12/15 02:02, Smith Liu wrote:
> Dear All
> For phenix.map_to_structure_factors, it needs to input the resolution 
> d_min. But for an EM map, usually the resolution is the general 
> resolution of the whole map (or to some extent the average resolution 
> of the whole map). Is d_min for phenix.map_to_structure_factors the 
> general EM map resolution, or the best resolution of the whole EM map, 
> which is only for part of the EM map with the best quality?
> Smith

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