[phenixbb] problem with B-factor plot within the Structure Comparison tool

Emilia C. Arturo (Emily) eca38 at drexel.edu
Fri Jun 5 22:12:37 PDT 2015

Hello All.

I am trying to zoom in on a section of the B-factors v. residue plot that
is generated using the Structure Comparison tool of the phenix GUI. I zoom
in by selecting a narrow residue range. When I do so, the plot does not
show all parts of each trace; they are broken up and/or residues are
missing that are certainly in the pdb files that I supplied, and that
showed up when I displayed a wider residue range.

I am using phenix version 1.9-1692 on a Mac (OS X Yosemite). I'd input 21
pdb files. I've done some typical refresher-type things like closed and
reopened the project, and restarted phenix (with no rationale, really), but
the display problem persists.

Does anyone else recognize this problem?

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