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Ivanov ivanov at embl.fr
Mon Jul 27 11:02:08 PDT 2015

Hi Mohamed,

I solved a structure at 1.5 A with Sulfur MAD. There were only 4 Sulfurs in 
the sequence and the signal has very nice.

Pay attention S does not give high anomalous signal.

I suggest you collect a dataset at 7kev (around 2.0A) which is the 
absorption edge of S. You must collect very high multiplicity around 30-40 
times with low intensity beam not to burn the crystal. This at kappa 0 and 
kappa 45. Then you could merge both datasets. I remember an important 
thing, on the absorption edge we had to be careful on the harmonics and 
make a nice setting on the beam to remove them. I suggest you do also a 
collection at 14kev far away from absorption edge.

For my case only Autorickshaw found the Sulfurs and solve the problem of 

Hope it helps,

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On 27 July 2015 7:17:18 pm mohamed noor <mohamed.noor34 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all
> Would you have some tips on collecting datasets for S-SAD at a 'normal'
> beamline (tunable from 0.5-2.5 A)? How helpful/important is it to use mini
> kappa?
> Thanks.
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