[phenixbb] pdb LINK record lost after phenix refine in GUI

luzuok luzuokun at 126.com
Thu Jul 16 00:54:29 PDT 2015

Dear Pavel and Nigel,

    I can see:

bond pdb=" OG  SER A 265 "
         pdb=" C23 AIX A 700 "
  ideal  model  delta    sigma   weight residual

  1.330  1.339 -0.009 2.00e-01 2.50e+01 2.16e-03

I think this bond is what I want.

If I want to _see_ this bond in graphical tool, like coot or pymol, Do I have to add a link record in PDB?

You are right Nigel, I made a mistake of  python and Phenix version.

Best withes!


Lu Zuokun, Ph.D. Candidate
College of Life Science, Nankai University

在 2015-07-16 14:21:24,"Pavel Afonine" <pafonine at lbl.gov> 写道:
All connectivity information is in .geo file: check it to see if the bind in question is present there.
phenix.refine does not read/write LINK records given that all info is in .geo file, and input (custom) linking is specified via custom bonds using atom selection syntax (or clicking in the GUI).


On 7/15/15 18:04, luzuok wrote:

Dear all,  
Although Custom geometry restrains was added (see log). After phenix refine, the link record was lost and there seem no bond between this two atoms (1.44 angstrom).
Do you think this is a real bond? How to maintain this record?
Any comment is appreciated!
Best regards!

Data resolution: 2.4
Phenix version:v2.7

phenix refine log:
    ======================== Summary of geometry restraints =======================

  Number of disulfides: simple=1, symmetry=0
    Simple disulfide: pdb=" SG  CYS A 482 " - pdb=" SG  CYS A 484 " distance=2.04
  Custom bonds:
      atom 1: "ATOM   1205  OG  SER A 265 .*.     O  "
      atom 2: "HETATM 3413  C23 AIX A 700 .*.     C  "
      symmetry operation: x,y,z
      distance_model:   1.339
      distance_ideal:   1.330
      ideal - model:   -0.009
      slack:            0.000
      delta_slack:     -0.009
      sigma:            0.2000
    Total number of custom bonds: 1
  Time building geometry restraints manager: 0.20 seconds

pdb file LINK record:
LINK         OG  SER A 265                 C23 AIX A 700     1555   1555  


Lu Zuokun, Ph.D. Candidate
College of Life Science, Nankai University

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