[phenixbb] Set up Simulated Annealing starting tempreture

Xiao Lei xiaoleiusc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 16:50:35 PDT 2015

Dear Phenixbb members,

I'm learning phenix this days. I use phenix refinement and found there is a
simulated annealing option (SA Cartesian or SA torsion option). However, I
found the SA cartesian starts at 5000K and SA torsion starts at 2500K by
default, and I'd like to change the starting temperature by myself.  I
search phenix manual and found:

To change starting SA temperature:

% phenix.refine data.hkl model.pdb simulated_annealing=true \
  strategy=individual_sites simulated_annealing.start_temperature=10000

I do not understand this, does this mean I have to type the above command
in somewhere in phenix? is there a place I can simply put SA start
temperature numbers in?

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