[phenixbb] problems with rosetta

Benny Belviso Benny.Belviso at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jul 9 04:59:06 PDT 2015

Dear all,

I am trying to use rosetta with the Phenix Gui (Phenix is installed on Debian). I have downloaded the tar.gz file named "rosetta_bin_linux_2015.25.57927_bundle" that contains source and binary files. 

Becouse the tar.gz contains pre-compiled files, I have not compiled rosetta again (however, I have the same problems also in the case of tar.gz containing source after the compilation).

According to the instructions showed on 


I have setup my environmental variables in .bashrc as:

export PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH=/home/bbdanilo/program/rosetta_bin_linux_2015.25.57927_bundle
export ROSETTA3_DB=$PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH/main/database

However, by opening MR-Rosetta on Phenix GUI, I get a first warning message that says me that rosetta directory seems to be not correct. By running rosetta, the program says that it is not able to find PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH.

I have tried to change the path also in the "Directory setup" by typing
 /home/bbdanilo/program/rosetta_bin_linux_2015.25.57927_bundle as directory for rosetta path
/main/source/bin as Rosetta binary directory name
 mr_protocols.linuxgccrelease as binary of rosetta

In this case, the program says that does not find the binary for rosetta (it requires mr_rosetta.default, instead I should use mr_protocols.linuxgccrelease).

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is welcome.



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