[phenixbb] Coot failed to launch in Phenix after CCP4 update

Shun Liu sliu.xtal at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 15:38:09 PST 2015

Dear all,

After I updated ccp4 to a new version (ccp4-6.5), I found that coot failed to launch in phenix. 

/Applications/PHENIX-1.9-1692/Contents/phenix-1.9-1692/build/mac-intel-osx-x86_64/../../phenix/phenix/command_line/start_coot.sh: line 37: /Applications/ccp4-6.4.0/coot.app/Contents/MacOS/coot: No such file or directory 

Apparently it requires ccp4-6.4.0, which has been deleted. I tried to modify find_coot_command.py in phenix, but it didn’t work. Can anybody give me some suggestions so that I can figure this problem out? Thanks!


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