[phenixbb] phenix.refine reference?

Paul Adams pdadams at lbl.gov
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Dear Ulrich,

  thanks for asking! We ask that authors always cite the main Phenix paper when using any part of Phenix (Adams et al., Acta Cryst D66, 213-221, 2010). In addition it would be very helpful if specific programs are also cited. For the two in question,

The current specific reference for phenix.refine is:

Towards automated crystallographic structure refinement with phenix.refine.Afonine PV, Grosse-Kunstleve RW, Echols N, Headd JJ, Moriarty NW, Mustyakimov M, Terwilliger TC, Urzhumtsev A, Zwart PH, Adams PD. Acta Cryst. D68, 352-367 (2012).

For phenix.xtriage:

Xtriage and Fest: automatic assessment of X-ray data and substructure structure factor estimation. P.H. Zwart, R.W. Grosse-Kunstleve, and P.D. Adams CCP4 newsletterWinter, Contribution 7 (2005)


> On Jan 4, 2015, at 12:08 PM, Ulrich Baumann <ubaumann at uni-koeln.de> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> a very happy New Year 2015 to all of you!
> Is there a specific reference for phenix.refine, please? Or is it ok if we cite Adams et al., Acta Cryst D66, 213-221 (2010) or the 2011 paper on Phenix? What about Xtriage?
> Thanks you very much for your kind help!
> Best wishes,
> Ulrich
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