[phenixbb] Phenix dev-2247 fails to start

Billy Poon bkpoon at lbl.gov
Mon Dec 7 10:38:09 PST 2015

Hi Chen,

It looks like en_GB is associated with English (Great Britain). I'm not
sure why that would cause the GUI to not work. What is the output from
typing "locale" at a terminal? A possible fix would be to set the LC_ALL
environment variable to "C". For C shells, you would type "setenv LC_ALL C"
and for bash, the command would be "export LC_ALL=C".

Let me know if that doesn't solve the problem. Thanks!

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On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 7:25 PM, Chen Zhao <c.zhao at yale.edu> wrote:

> Dear developers,
> I am now having some troubles initiating the most updated nightly built
> dev-2247. I have to use this version because it is supposed to have a bug
> fixed based on my bug report in November. My machine is running Debian 7
> with kernel version 3.2.0-4-amd64. And the pheinx installation file I
> downloaded is the 64 bit linux version for CentOS 5. The symptom is that
> after I called phenix from a terminal window, there is an error message
> saying "local 'en_GB' cannot be set" (which is always the case and which
> does not seem to matter). After that, phenix GUI did not start at all, but
> ps command shows two python2.7 processes running. Running phenix from
> command line seems to work fine. Before switching to this version I was
> running the stable version 1.10.1-2155, and have no problem.
> Is there any simple fix? If not, I will probably just stick to the command
> line version for the moment.
> Thanks a lot,
> Chen
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