[phenixbb] Phenix dev-2247 fails to start

Chen Zhao c.zhao at yale.edu
Sun Dec 6 19:25:16 PST 2015

Dear developers,

I am now having some troubles initiating the most updated nightly built
dev-2247. I have to use this version because it is supposed to have a bug
fixed based on my bug report in November. My machine is running Debian 7
with kernel version 3.2.0-4-amd64. And the pheinx installation file I
downloaded is the 64 bit linux version for CentOS 5. The symptom is that
after I called phenix from a terminal window, there is an error message
saying "local 'en_GB' cannot be set" (which is always the case and which
does not seem to matter). After that, phenix GUI did not start at all, but
ps command shows two python2.7 processes running. Running phenix from
command line seems to work fine. Before switching to this version I was
running the stable version 1.10.1-2155, and have no problem.

Is there any simple fix? If not, I will probably just stick to the command
line version for the moment.

Thanks a lot,
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