[phenixbb] Phenix on Mageia

Marie Elizabeth Fraser frasm at ucalgary.ca
Wed Aug 19 10:17:43 PDT 2015

    We are having a problem getting the display of the cycles of Phenix running on our Linux machines.  I am running Mageia 4, but the problem first appeared when I added a new student and he started to run Phenix on Mandriva.  When I changed to Mageia 4, I had to do a clean install, so everyone got new home directories.  Then the problem appeared for all of us.
    This has gone in as a bug report (and I can send the message if that would help).  The response was that we were using a character like “é” in the filename or directory.  I do not think that we are.  However, at the bottom of the bug report it does say "LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE = Ã…”, which sounds like the symbol for Angstrom.  Has anyone else seen a similar problem and been able to fix it?
     Thank you,  Marie
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