[phenixbb] expermiental sigma or SIGFP of the mtz file

Tim Gruene tg at shelx.uni-ac.gwdg.de
Sun Apr 12 06:39:23 PDT 2015

Dear Smith,

you are talking about the standard uncertainty of the amplitude derived
from the intensities measured from the sample the mtz-file relates to.
If you have FP but not SIGFP, that's probably a mistake, if you have
neither the person who prepared the mtz-file probably decided not to put
it in there.


On 04/12/2015 03:29 PM, Smith Lee wrote:
> Dear All, Will you please let me know what is the expermiental sigma or SIGFP of the mtz file? If a mtz file lacks the expermiental sigma or SIGFP, what does it mean? I am looking forward to getting your reply. Smith
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